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F Your Four Facts

CookieCakes went shopping today – for an interview suit, no less!  Really, even if she could find one to cover that mammoth stomach and ass of hers, who’s going to hire someone her age?  And who needs an interview suit … Continue reading

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Create This!

Vicky, Vicky, Vicky – what part of “I don’t accept awards” don’t you understand?  Or are you simply trying to irritate me by nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award?  I’d be much more honored if you hadn’t also nominated … Continue reading

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Another Birthday, Another Slight

Yesterday was my birthday.   Depending on which calculation you use, I am either 64 (the same age as Cordelia’s Mom), or 2 (the age of this blog).   Today I’m feeling more like 2. Yesterday, everyone was happily celebrating CookieCakes’ birthday.  … Continue reading

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