OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot Cordelia’s Mom” is a fictitious character invented by the creator of Cordelia’s Mom, Still.  The sole purpose of this blog is to poke fun at the more serious blog, Cordelia’s Mom, Still.  This blog is intended to be entertaining, and anything written in these pages and posts should be read with an understanding that any references to anyone living or dead other than Cordelia’s Mom herself are made solely in jest.  Not Cordelia’s Mom will  never intentionally malign anyone other than Cordelia’s Mom.  Readers are cautioned to appreciate the dark humor herein without attaching too much significance to anything that is written.  Events as related herein may or may not be true, or they may or may not be exaggerated or understated to fit within the parameters of Not CM‘s created personality.

And having said all that in an effort to protect myself from those readers who had issues with the mirror blogs, let me say this:

Please sign up to follow both blogs, and —

Let the sparring begin!


Image by:  Tintin44


6 Responses to Disclaimer

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  2. LOL – such a creative idea. I had to come and check it out myself after reading some of the posts. I’m a little slow but I did catch on before I got to the “disclaimer.” Cheers to your fabulous imagination!


  3. Al says:

    heh thanks for that. Glad I didn’t leave a nasty comment then lol

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