NCMcroppedI’m here to tell you not to read Cordelia’s Mom, Still. That woman is a fraud. I know, because I grew up with her.

I remember her as one of those kids who always got straight A’s and was loved by all the teachers, but only had a couple of friends in school, one of whom didn’t even go to our school. What kind of weirdo develops friendships with kids in Catholic schools while she’s attending public school? I mean, really!

I, on the other hand, had lots and lots of friends, although I admit that studying was not one of my strong suits. My friends all thought I was wonderful and even talked and dressed like me whenever they could. Damn straight – they wouldn’t have been my friends for long if they didn’t.

Cordelia’s Mom (a/k/a CookieCakes – who does she think she is?) never had a boyfriend in high school. Heck, she didn’t even go to the prom! Probably because it was well known that she would not “put out” afterwards. I, however, had more requests for prom dates than you could even count! And what a great night it was! I couldn’t walk for days.

And then there was the year the CookieCakes was the editor of the school newspaper. What a snotty bitch. I had the most wonderful story about my dating exploits, and she rejected it! (Well, maybe she was such a holy, holy goody two-shoes that she just didn’t understand what I was talking about.)

I’m sure you’re wondering why, after all this time, I still have issues with Mrs. CookieCakes.  She’s just so easy to hate.  She never seemed to suffer the ups and downs of life like the rest of us did.  I mean, I’ve had a number of marriages, and I only had one kid, to whom I haven’t spoken in years – like many other people.  But CookieCakes?  She’s been married for over 30 years to the same guy, and all of her kids live in the same town and get along with her and with each other.  Why should that make her better than the rest of us?  That’s just luck, in my opinion.

This is a very small town, and it is easy to keep tabs on people.  I knew when CookieCakes moved out of town after high school, I knew when she moved back, I knew when she married, I knew when she had each one of her bratty kids.  Then I lost track of her for awhile.

I didn’t know about her blog until I discovered a link on Facebook posted by an acquaintance who is also a “friend” of hers.  Imagine my shock!  Ms. Goodie-TwoShoes seems to have had a pretty good life, and is now getting attention she doesn’t deserve.  That is going to stop right now.

This blog will be dedicated to showing you all how wrong, wrong, wrong Cordelia’s Mom a/k/a CookieCakes is in everything she writes.

I hate her, and you will too.


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  1. Jessica says:

    You don’t speak to your child because you’re a horrible person, not because you’re unlucky. Apparently you have a significant amount of time on your miserable, hateful fat hands to develop a blog to spite someone. I do enjoy how pathetic you are, though. It also makes me realize that I do not want to be a bitter old coot like you in 40 years. Please keep the bragging and cat stories coming. And maybe you could shed more light on why you’re single and miserable and your only child can’t stand you. Au revoir!


  2. christinez18 says:



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