Thanks to All the [Versatile] Little People

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you, Vicky V, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I’ve never been nominated for an award before (go figure), and I truly appreciate the kind thought.

I must decline, however. My life is much too busy to deal with what basically amounts to a chain letter.  Pick 15 people to nominate, notify them, and they pick 15 more, etc.  Is there money involved?  No?  Then forget it.

I’m assuming that most of my readers will agree with me. Unlike CookieCakes’ readers, my followers understand the value of a truly exceptional blog like mine.  I’m sure they concur that it’s much more important for me to concentrate on the intended purpose of this blog, which is to malign Cordelia’s Mom in every way I can.  Answering stupid questions about myself and then sifting through thousands of blogs to pick a few nominations for any award is time-consuming and annoying. I can’t be bothered.

versatileblogger11Never mind the fact that I am not first on your list, Vicky. I am  12th out of your 15 nominees, even though we all know that I outshine every blogger out there.  Even CookieCakes is higher on the list than me!  Shame on you!

What’s that? The list is alphabetical? I’m not buying that.  I think it’s just your way of making sure my name isn’t at the very top.

So, Vicky, you can keep your award on your side of the ocean.

P.S.: If, however, you can come up with a paying project, I might be able to free up some of my valuable time.  My spa has flexible days and hours, so I’m sure I could fit you in somewhere.


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Top image by Cordelia’s Mom; award image courtesy of the Versatile Blogger Award

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6 Responses to Thanks to All the [Versatile] Little People

  1. Vicky V says:

    I am so happy I nominated you for an award. I relish the inconvenience it has caused you.
    The list really is in alphabetical order – otherwise you would be last!
    I can’t take back the award and I wouldn’t. You will just have to live with the acknowledgment.
    I’m off to look for more awards to annoy you with. And hopefully a few chain letters 🙂

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  2. Paul says:

    Oh, oh! Catfight!

    Liked by 3 people

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