NOT a 4-WAY POST (Yet)

Cody080314Mehitabel2Vlad1Peacekeeping Bears

 Just WTF is going on here?

When I heard CookieCakes was planning to do major household renovations, I decided to make myself scarce.  Who needs all that dust and noise?  There are plenty of places in the world one can find a peaceful environment if one has the money.  Which, of course, I do (and CookieCakes doesn’t, which is why she’s stuck in an 8×10 foot room with the dog and non-cable [shudder] TV).

Anyway, I decide to shuffle on back to Buffalo for a bit, and what do I find?  CookieCakes has managed to lure 3 other bloggers into her idiocy with a 4-way blog post!  Are you people nuts?  Dogs, cats, teddy bears,  vampire bears?  Oh, my.

And now I see that there’s a blogger in Australia who wishes to join the fray?

TeddyRoseCome on, people.  Cordelia’s Mom, Still is not that good a blog.  You all need to come over here instead – we could do a collaborated post with some real excitement in it!  Just think about it – you would have free rein for all the snarkiness you can come up with.  Why should Cody, Teddy Rosalie, Vlad, the Peacekeeping Bears, and Mehitabel have all the fun?

[Editor’s Note:  Is it “free rein” or “free reign” – where is Doobster when we need him?]

Wanna help me set something up over here?  Send an email to

I’m ready to rumble.

And I still need a cat – anyone want to volunteer?


[Anyone who wishes to comment may do so on this post, or you may email me at or]


Images by Cordelia’s Mom (as Cody and Teddy Rosalie), Anne Belov (as Mehitabel), Willowdot21 (as Vlad the Vampire), and Paul Curran (as the Peacekeeping Bears), respectively


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11 Responses to NOT a 4-WAY POST (Yet)

  1. candygai says:

    Oh goodie. Is vsomethingspeaks joining forces with It is I. Max to come on board with you four? You might keep an open mind on this Australian blogger. I happen to know this individual is a lot of fun, very intelligent, and has amazing style/flair. (You should see how greatbher hair is….) I believe Vlad will take to her, they have common interests. so please keep your options open.

    Additionally, this this blogger loves animals, especially bears. She travelled to China to meet and cuddle pandas, and she recently made a trip to see a new born pygmy hippo. (Not to brag, but I was her inspiration.) Best yet, she is absolute magic in the kitchen. In fact, she is the co-author of a a soon-to-be published cuppycake book. So I imagine it is possible the two of you might get along.

    I have three cats if you want to borrow them. They need a vacation, and two of them love to put dogs in their place.The third will collect the items tossed over the fence by the foods neighbors with the swimming pool. All three will gladly testify with straight faces that this neighborhood blight has treated them inhumanely.

    Anyway. Happy 5th of July. ☆☆☆

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    • Hi, Candygai –

      Send the cat. You can keep the pandas and hippos (they’re probably not litter-trained), and of course, I am always on a diet seeing as I must maintain my exceptional looks. But you maybe could send the pandas, hippos and cuppycakes to Cordelia’s Mom – she’s fat and doesn’t mind the animal dirt. Just sayin’

      — Sincerely, Not Cordelia’s Mom

      PS: I definitely would love to have you join forces with me against Cordelia’s Mom, Cody and Teddy Rosalie. Sounds like you have what it takes to give them what-for!

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      • candygai says:

        The Australian blogger is excellent at making alcohol tastier. That is. providing you aren’t bound by rules of temperance.
        Have a Good Sunday. I am going to go post a cat it three and lock myself into an air conditioned freezer. Seattle transplants don’t do well on the East Cpast, currently, North Carolina, in hot weather. So in my case, from March to November. Lol

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      • Tomorrow I may be joining you in that freezer. It’s supposed to go up to near 90 here, which I realize in NC is moderate – but for Buffalo, NY, and especially for those of us with unsvelte bodies, it is going to be awful. The AC will need to be turned off for continuation of the renovations. Sooo not looking forward to it.

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  2. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:

    It has become a free-for-all! Jump on in, folks – the water’s fine.

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  3. willowdot21 says:

    Vlad here ! I am not repeat not at anytime , present, future or past put witted by Methitabel and or any Pandas?? I Vlad the invincible and I am incensed !! 😉


  4. Archon's Den says:

    It’s ‘free rein’ like an uncontrolled horse. See, you didn’t need Doobster, although I’m too often MIA. Other than that, I’m stayin’ out of the way. Move over Cody. I’ll rub your (dusty) tummy. 😆


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