Polls ‘R Us – Or Not

3D Bar Graph MeetingCan you believe what Cordelia’s Mom a/k/a CookieCakes is doing now?

She’s set herself up on Flickr.com as an amateur photographer!  That’s bad enough – but then she recently posted a poll in which she asked her readers whether or not she should link her Flickr.com account to her WordPress blog.

Sheesh, CookieCakes, get a life already!  I’ve looked at those photographs on Flickr.com, and trust me, you could do a much better job if you strapped that camera to your silly dog’s head and figured out some way to remotely click the shutter.

And the poll itself is just plain stupid.  I hope every voter picks either “You’re joking, right?” or “Please – spare me the agony and don’t do it!”  No one in his or her right mind could possibly want to see any more of CookieCakes’ pitiful attempts at art.

Am I right, or what?

I can’t wait to read the results of CookieCakes’ asinine poll.

And while I’m waiting, I’ve created a little poll of my own.  Vote at your own peril (you have one week):


[Anyone who wishes to comment may do so on this post, or you may email me at notcordeliasmom@aol.com or cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com]


Image by:  Scott Maxwell/lumaxart

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