Invisible at the Meet-and-Greet

FacelessI was going to just ignore the whole Archon/Cordelia’s Mom meet-and-greet thing.  But Archon insists on referring to it over and over again!

I want to set the record straight – I WAS THERE THAT DAY!  Yes, people, I knew it was going to take place, and I got there before Archon and CM did.

I was sitting at the counter when they both walked in, CM with her teddy bear and Archon with that stuffed lamb.  Honestly, what is this – high school?


The Meet-and-Greet Bear

Then I watched as Archon and his wife joined CM and her mother-in-law at a corner table and proceeded to yack it up.  Mr. & Mrs. Archon didn’t seem the least bit upset that CM had dragged them to a family type diner – you know, the kind of place with burgers and ethnic food, 24-hour breakfast, and consistently stale coffee.

Next time, perhaps they should let me set up the meet-and-greet.  I can guarantee that they would be invited to somewhere upscale, with gourmet food and the opportunity to have a mixed drink if so desired.  (God knows, I could have used a drink after watching that meet-and-greet!)

After the meal, everyone piled into their respective cars, and I realized they were about to follow each other, so I paid my tab quickly and ran outside to my own [much nicer] vehicle.  (Honestly, it irked me to even park my beautiful car in that restaurant’s lot next to all those pick-up trucks and mommy-mobiles!  Really, CM – you’re driving a Ford?  You couldn’t even upgrade to a Lincoln?)

JoysOpenRoadFortunately, for once in her life, CM drove rather sedately, so I was able to catch up not too far down the road.  I figured she was leading them to the Thruway interchange, but no – they kept on going.

Miles later, I watched them both pull into a Bob Evans restaurant parking lot – a second meal perhaps?  Still maintaining that “poor me” persona?

But no, they both circled the building and exited the lot to proceed to the motel behind it.  I parked out on the street and watched as CM drove around the buildings [again] and finally met back up with Mr. & Mrs. Archon at the motel office.  CM never got out of her vehicle [damn!], so I guess she was just playing navigational guide, or at least trying to.

Until I read CM’s second post about this event, I never realized that Mr. & Mrs. Archon had travelled to CM’s house the next day.  What a shock that must have been for them – a worn-out, tiny suburban saltbox proudly displaying overgrown weeds in front of the poorly painted windows and next to the cracked driveway.  It was no wonder that CM didn’t invite Mr. & Mrs. Archon into her house – I wouldn’t want visitors in there, either.

They should have all come to my house instead – it’s so much bigger, prettier, and professionally maintained.  The photo Archon chose for his own post is not of my house, but is amazingly similar.

Really, people, if you’re going to do a blogger meet-and-greet, wouldn’t it be more fun with me?  That lunch with CM and her mother-in-law must have been the most boring thing ever.  I’m surprised Mr. & Mrs. Archon didn’t immediately head for the Thruway to get as far away as possible.

SpyingIn his most recent post, Archon indicates there may be plans afoot for another meet-and-greet next year.  Trust me, I will be there – invited or not.  I just hope this time they choose a location that doesn’t make me gag.

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Images by Mehran Khalili, and Cordelia’s Mom, and Paul Townsend, and tanakawho, respectively

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10 Responses to Invisible at the Meet-and-Greet

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  2. Archon's Den says:

    It’s nice to know that we were being watched over – kinda like the NSA. 😯

    I will make sure that <strong<CM invites you to the next get-together. It will be hand-delivered, because I understand that the USPS refuses to deliver to your ‘mansion.’ 😉


  3. I always feel like I am being watched lmao!


  4. Paul says:

    You know NCM, you should have parked at the back of the lot away from all the Mommy-mobiles and parked at an angle so you took up two spaces. It would keep your pretty car scratch free.And it would telegraph clearly that you think you’re better than everyone else. Which is precisely why you are NOT CM. She is kind and caring and gracious.

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  5. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Lovin’ the tone of this alter-blog!! 🙂


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