Van Gogh She’s Not

TamarinHave you seen the drawing CookieCakes (a/k/a Cordelia’s Mom) submitted to PouringMyArtOut?  OMG, I could have drawn something better than that when I was 3!

In fact, I have drawn something better.  Check out my About page – that is MY own art work, and it’s much nicer than anything CookieCakes could ever dream up.

I can only feel sorry for those commenters on Art’s blog who think CookieCakes’ picture is “fantastic” and “a great job” and “a winner.”  You people obviously have no concept of artistic excellence.

Can we expect more of this nonsense?  On her Facebook page, CookieCakes indicates she might start doing her own art work for her blog.

Kill me now so I don’t have to deal with being exposed to such incompetence.  Please.

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Image courtesy of Smithsonian National Zoo

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6 Responses to Van Gogh She’s Not

  1. Hey… what the heck… don’t come to my blog and slam something that somebody did for me… I like that picture, and I am a professional artist… I mean, I don’t know who you think you are, but if you mess with my friends, things might just turn ugly… nobody asked you to link to my blog… in fact, that might be a violation of the agreement you signed with WordPress… I will have my team of minion lawyers look into that…


    • As we all know, Not CM does not lower herself to respond to comments, so I have to reply for her. If she were to respond, she would likely say something like, “Make my day, bozo boy.”

      But since I’m the one replying, I’ll be a little nicer. Not CM has issues with pretty much everything and often can’t keep her mouth shut (and her fingers away from the keyboard). She has even gone after my very good guest poster, Paul Curran!

      Personally, Art, I would like to thank you for your support, and for liking my silly little drawing. It wasn’t that easy making it look like you!

      Oh, and thanks for joining Not CM and me on the mirror blog. We both need more readers.


  2. Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

    BTW, we should be doing this over at your place ’cause you’re the one trying to beat the Guinness world record for most comments on a personal blog. We would have been 5 comments closer to the goal – woo-hoo!

    (Anyone else who’s reading this: go on over to Art’s site and start commenting on one of his posts. Go, Team!)


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