Jealous? Of Me?



Oh, this is just too rich.  In this week’s guest post on Chronicle of a Wayward Son, Cordelia’s Mom a/k/a CookieCakes admits that she is jealous of other bloggers, INCLUDING ME.

I’ve known all along that I am the better blogger, and judging by the increased number of followers I gained this week, people are beginning to come over to my side – the real side.

It’s become clear that CookieCakes herself is starting to realize that I am the dominant personality.  In her guest post, she even alludes to an urge to kill off CookieCakes so that I am the winner.  Yes!  Character suicide!  She has never threatened to kill me off; therefore, I must be the real blogger.

Some of our readers have stated that they are finding the whole mirror blog concept confusing.  It’s really very easy to explain, people – I am real; CookieCakes is fake.  Why else would people be following  me instead of her?

I have this to say directly to CookieCakes:  Get off your soapbox, bitch.  There’s a reason I’m in your head, and it’s time you accepted it.  I am the queen – you are merely my lowly servant.  So why don’t you stop whining, close up shop as Cordelia’s Mom, and come over here instead – I’m sure both our readers would be happy about it.  I await your response.

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