And We’re Off!

(Don’t you just love my header design?  It was sooo easy to steal it from Cordelia’s Mom, Still.  Just click and copy and do a little editing, and voilá!)

Angry CatAs I say in my About page, the sole purpose of this blog is to tell you all how horrible Cordelia’s Mom a/k/a CookieCakes really is.  I know she sets herself up as a sweet old lady, and her dumb readers seem to think she has talent.  What a load of BS.

The first Cordelia’s Mom, Still post I ever saw was this one:

Where In the World Is CookieCakes?

What a piece of crap.  I can see that her writing hasn’t improved much since Mr. V blasted her in high school, and it just goes to show he was right all along.

Those fake conversations in that post?  Give me a break – no one talks like that, ya know?

And coming up with the name CookieCakes?  Who does that?

And as for asking her readers where they would wish to be right now:

I’m perfectly happy to be where I am – divorced (numerous times), retired, and not having to deal with kids, grandkids or dogs.  A few cats are enough for me.

But I know where I’d like CookieCakes to be. Unfortunately, WordPress would probably shut down this blog if I used that kind of language.

Too bad CookieCakes apparently isn’t going anywhere soon.  But maybe that’s a good thing – it will give me lots of chances to tell everyone what a piece of work she is.

Do come back for my next post.

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